Palisade Fencing

Considered the UK’s most popular fencing for locations requiring security and resistance to vandalism. Providing a physical and visible deterrent, palisade is available in various specifications and pale profiles for varying levels of security.

The versatile design can accommodate all site requirements which may include bespoke hole positions, three rails, extensions for barbed wire and extended pales for burying in the ground or concrete sills.

Posts are generally 98 x 55 RSJ – however, for a higher security installation 127 x 76 Universal beams can be supplied. Custom designs can be manufactured to suit any site conditions eg base plates for bolting down to concrete or cranked posts for fixing to walls.

Palisade gates are manufactured from rolled hollow section and clad with pales to match the fencing. Gates can be manufactured to any size from 0.9m to 16m, to the relevant British Standards or to meet the requirements of the site.

Supplied and fitted by our accredited installation teams, Palisade is hot dipped galvanised for long life expectancy in service, with an optional polyester powder coating finish for improved aesthetics.

Pales are available in both ‘D’ and ‘W’ profiles in a variety of thicknesses, widths and pale top finishes.

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